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ExecMind is a Life Science Executive Search company connecting life sciences companies with world-class scientists and visionary leaders.


We are based in Life Science Park in Krakow, Poland, where biotech and pharma create a fast-growing, innovative working environment.
ExecMind supports biotechnology, pharma, medical devices, digital health companies, clinical research organizations, and venture/private investment funds. We collaborate with international big pharma players, mid-sized companies, and start-ups, offering the best candidates for the job and handling executive search, interim management, and other processes that support business growth. ExecMind attracts experienced scientific talents worldwide who can deliver high-quality contributions to our clients and share their vision and values. Our expertise is assignments and business development consultancy in Europe and the USA (with a significant focus on Boston and San Francisco Bay Area).


ExecMind provides solutions for clients when they need to fulfill the roles for:

  • C-Level recruitment - Executives, Senior Managers,
  • Scientific Advisory Boards – when the client needs the support of world-class experts to provide new perspectives and bring credibility,
  • Scientific Talents Acquisition – bringing professionals with technical expertise to accelerate development and drive innovation. Filling positions within researcher and scientist roles across biological sciences disciplines such as biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology, drug discovery and development experts, pre-clinical development and clinical trial phases, and others,
  • Business Development – recruitment of international Business Development senior and sales of products and services roles.


During 10+ years in the biotech industry, we developed a robust worldwide network with candidates screened and selected.



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